a very large city with subways, an airport, a harbor and lots of train connections


San Maurizo is one of the largest cities in Italy.
It dates back several hundred of years, and have bin relativly unscarred by wars as such it is known for the old fashioned buildings.
The city is one of the larger trade ports in Europe and goods travel in and from the port at every hour.

The crime level in the city is rather high even for a big city, gang wars are common and the police have for years bin trying to restrain the ammount of firearms entering the city but this far these attemps have bin futile.

The city is seperated into several regions.

The Center of the city is the only spot in the city where you would be able to spot skyscrapes. Here torusists gather in masses to visit the parks, resturants and shop.

Old Town
Old Town is known as the more criminal hub of the city, here allmost all the buildings hails from the Reneassiance. Gang wars are common and sadly the culture of this place is not kept well.

Outer Ring
The outer ring consists of the low prices apartments mixed with some smaller hotels and shops, basicly this is the slum of the city.

The Trade district of the city lies in the outer circle, here lies factories, Warehouses, and Airports. And a few dussings low class hotels have also made their way out here.

The Entertaiment district differs not much from the Center, here lies the movie theaters, opera houses, museums, resturants, and hotels. This is also where one would find clubs of the stangest sorts.

The Underground is the vast tunnels under the city consisting of sewers, subways, trains and a network of tunnels created for unknown reason who none ever uses.
Many of the homeless make their way down here and stories tell of  monster dogs and aligators.



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