Design Notes

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Underworld series (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), races of Underworld universe

how much of the movie plot to use? still full war? vampires sure they’ve almost killed them all off and are becoming a bit relaxed with it (what’s the point of being immortal if you can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of life?)

stronger more pure forms have greater weaknesses? pure lycans can’t shange at will, elders take more damage from sunlight

what levels of str/dex/stam is needed for things show in the movies?

no rules for hybrids, they are plot device only

both go in pairs in the start of the first movie, invent a “rule of 3” type thing for more stable hunting teams? 3 is a good number of players as well

rule of cool on ammo clips

claws and fangs do leathal damge?

the players are a group of young vampires training to become Death Dealers (the old ones feel they’re not needed and want to retire/take a break from it), they have a single powerful mentor they aid and do missions for

most people die from a bite, rare ritual to increase the chance? something only a few individuals can do

2 noble houses (Old World and New World) in the movies, make one for each continent? have several wings for each continent? (Europe = Scandinavia, Iberia, Balkan, ect..)
The Chain, the practice of leapfroging through time

silver prevent the Change, prevents regeneration (only bashing?), special Gift to expell it

get memories from blood or after being bitten

cling to walls power!

vampires eat synthetic blood plasma, cloned blood

same creation myth? Alexander Corvinus (the first immortal) and his 3 sons

need to create a memories from blood power!! (give vague memories, take shallow, take deep, take disciplines, implant skills)

chiropteran marauder war form of the vampire elder?

how often do they need to eat? do they ever need to eat anything to survive?

lycans turn into humans on death, vampires look like a corpse

what bonuses do people get for being turned? stat boosts, skills, memories?

Design Notes

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